Mimetic Metadata: How To Create A Truly Non-Dilutive NFT Collection In 2022

Mimetic Metadata turns the ownership of a token into an experience.
Space Doodles is launching soon.
The "Upgrade without Dilution" Plan
  • We have one token; it has its' metadata and collection.
  • Every generation following is a newly minted token in a new collection.
With Mimetic Metadata, multiple layers are in a single ERC721 token.
  1. Mint token.
  2. Wait for the art/metadata reveal.
  3. Party!
  • Have a reveal.
    (When the metadata/art is revealed)
  • Charge for the upgrade.
    (One-time cost)
  • Set an evolution window.
    (When holders can no longer evolve into this generation)
  • Make a generation immutable.
    (Cannot be disabled by the team)
  • Make a generation situational/seasonal
    (Can be disabled by the team)
  • Make a generation sticky.
    (Holder cannot rollback to the previous generation)
  • Make generation removable.
    (Holders can go backward as well)
  1. Load new Mimetic layer with criteria.
  1. Enabling the generation evolution.
Mimetic Metadata is a system that allows for living evolution
Little Lemons launching a falsified version of Mimetic Metadata
  • No on-chain interaction.
  • Not in control of the owner.
  • Not dilutive because the pixel lemon isn't even real.
A simple copy-paste-ready infographic of Generation 2 token types.
  • Will you help me educate others in the space and show them that a better solution exists?
  • Will this idea take three years to gain traction before we begin seeing production-level implementations?
  • Tell the project creators that different art has a different appeal.
  • Tell the project creators that you won't be digging into every token of every collection forever, especially as more collections are launched.
  • Tell the project creators that wrapping a token into a new collection is still dilutive even if they aren't changing the number of total tokens.
  • Tell the project creators that they should not ignore consumer friction as it determines the rate at which new community members join.
  • Tell the project creators you don't want to pay increased gas costs for a misguided implementation.
  • Tell the project creators that you don't spend your time equally across all collections released.
  • Tell the project creators that a better solution exists and is cheaper to launch and use.
Mimetic Metadata infographic let’s go onboarding!



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