Alpha Sitting In Broad Daylight: The Digital Social Graph

It is publicly available to all within the social graph of our digital ecosystem.

The Opportunity

  • How often do you see an influencer talking about a project launching soon that they are huge fans of?
  • How often do you see an influencer fudding a project only to wind up with a massive bag the next day?

Setting the Bait and Collecting Your Prey

  • Do we need to catch changes live?
  • Is it okay to capture the live data when we sync the database?
  • If you go back in the Tableland Discord around the start of the marketing ramp-up, you will see just a few familiar faces. I wonder why?*
  1. This is not watching or analyzing the existing flow of money. There is little value in knowing where one’s money went. However, it is precious to know where their money will go (Hence Longtails.)
  2. For now, Longtails is solely watching the state of followers and following. Have an idea of a social graph strategy you’d like to see? Let me know on Twitter @nftchance.



The blockchain developer you’ll remember 🤌

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